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At Vasolabs, we’re more than just a business–we’re here to help patients live longer lives and experience all the wonders of life. We’re in the saving lives business. 


It takes diligence, great service, and industry-leading techniques and technicians to make that happen, and that’s what you can expect from us.


We only employ industry-leading measurement techniques and processes. Also, we work with highly trained sonographers that use the most current ultrasound hardware and software so that they can offer the best testing available. 


Not only do our highly trained technicians and industry-leading processes set us apart, but our service is what defines us from other companies. 


Keep reading to see what our clients have to say about their experience partnering with us to provide on-site cardiovascular diagnostics testing


Vasolabs makes cardiovascular diagnostics testing easy and saves you time

At Vasolabs, we partner with cash-based medical practices to provide on-site cardiovascular diagnostics testing. It’s our goal to have patients proactively tested for heart disease. When you partner with us, you can focus on running the practice instead of having to evaluate lab tests. 


Rakesh “Rocky” Patel, M.D, at Arizona Sun Family Medicine chose Vasolabs after being disappointed with the quality of work with other companies. He realized that he couldn’t take the time he needed to evaluate tests properly. Here’s what he has to say about his experience working with us:


“Other services have tried to earn our business, and I find it very common for their technicians to miss plaques and other substantial items from their reports. It is my desire to perform these tests myself in order to ensure hands-on classes and finally found that I don’t have the time in a busy practice to do the tests as I’d like with the required attention that is needed. Vasolabs has provided me with consistent ultrasound diagnostics that are very thorough. Their technicians are registered through a national credentialing service. Their practices are modest and their service is great. The phone gets answered on the first ring, emails are responded to quickly, their lab has cIMT results within a few days (usually 24), and is accessible through the internet. Vasolabs is an asset to my practice.


We are focused on providing every partnering medical practice with the best service possible starting with our easy scheduling process. You schedule our technicians, then we schedule your medical practice and show up to conduct testing for your patients at your medical practice. Once the diagnostic testing is done our technicians will send the results to the lab to be reviewed and the results will be made available to you. We want to provide you with the easiest solution possible to care for your patients well while providing you with the highest quality of service.


Vasolabs provides thorough image capturing

We strive to provide every client with the highest quality of customer service to answer their questions and immediately begin the process once they’re ready. That way every cash-based medical practice can benefit from our on-site cardiovascular diagnostic testing and can save the lives of their patients. 


We are passionate about saving lives from heart disease by enabling medical practices to take a proactive approach to treating heart disease. By running regular diagnostic testing with ease, they can detect the risk of heart disease in patients and identify early signs of heart.


Here’s what Cynthia L. Shugrue has to say about the quality and efficiency of our on-site cardiovascular diagnostic services, 


“I have had the pleasure of working with Vasolabs since 2010 as a provider for my outpatient IMT, ABI, and AAA screening services. I have found Vasolabs to be efficient and timely with their reporting and their staff is extremely knowledgeable and punctual. I have been very impressed with Vasolabs’ response to any of my queries at all levels of their institution be it clerical, technical, or managerial staff. The reports are concise with more image capture than my previous IMT provider. They have also been extremely helpful in assisting with any coding difficulties or questions that have arisen. I highly recommend Vasolabs for outpatient IMT, ABI, and AAA screening.”


We want to make the process stress-free and quick so that you can spend more time serving your patients and less time dealing with administrative tasks. Learn more about partnering with Vasolabs by booking your consultation online today.


Trustworthy reports set us apart from other companies as the best on-site cardiovascular diagnostic testing 

We promise quality data and quality reports every time. We provide extensive study reports for each diagnostic test within a few days of submitting to the lab–available for download on the Vasolabs Electronic Reports Website. Our reports can be customized to include various testing data, plus branded with your logo for a seamless patient experience. 


Our reports are worth switching to Vasolabs. See what Mitchell F Finnie, M.D, at Shavano Family Practice has to say about working with us, 


“I have been practicing disease prevention since 2008, using advanced lip testing and CMITs. I was using another service until November 2010 and I switched to Vasolabs. I decided to use Vasolabs based on their responsiveness, customer service, and trustworthy reports. Their sonographers are prompt and courteous and fit nicely with our staff. Vasolabs reports have always been timely and just recently I’m finding the turnaround time is getting shorter–currently, no one is matching that level of service. Many patients that had scans done by the other service, I ask that they have them done again by Vasolabs.” 


Every interaction that our clients have with us is positive and encourages them to partner with us because they know they will get amazing customer service throughout the entire process. 


Switch to Vasolabs and provide the best on-site cardiovascular diagnostic testing to your patients

If you’re ready to simplify your testing process and get the best on-site cardiovascular diagnostic testing that’s available, then contact us today to book your consultation and learn how partnering with us will help your patients and save you time running your medical practice.

We are thankful to work with medical practices that share our goal of saving lives by providing patients with proactive cardiovascular diagnostic testing


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