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offer a heart disease prevention test for your patients in your office.

On-site Diagnostic Testing for Cash-based Medical Practices.

Add a comprehensive cardiovascular ultrasound diagnostic to your testing protocol without sending your patients to another facility.

  • Our certified sonographers come to your office
  • Each test takes 15-20 minutes
  • Detailed reports are delivered within a few days

Gone are the days of treadmills and wires and costly outpatient services. Step into the new era of accessible, efficient diagnostics.

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How does it work?

We come on-site with our sophisticated ultrasound technology, providing extensive diagnostics to help identify and target cardiovascular disease. These test results, combined with standardized disease management tools, enable the development of a comprehensive baseline of patient risk for cardiovascular disease.

Our in-office testing allows you to more quickly and effectively collaborate with your patients to address concerns and reach their optimal health goals.

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On-site Testing Services

Carotid IMT Testing

CIMT Testing is an ultrasound test used for screening heart disease in individuals over 45 that have not shown any prior history of heart issues.

Ankle Brachial Index (ABI)

Check for Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) with this test by identifying the potential for blocked arteries in the legs or arms.

Venus Reflux Test

Venus Reflex Test measures how well the valves in your veins work, determining susceptibility of varicose veins and other conditions related to poor blood flow.


An echocardiogram assesses the overall function of the heart and helps determine the presence of various types of heart disease.

Student Athlete Heart Scan

The Student Athlete Heart Screen can help detect abnormalities that can cause sudden cardiac death in young athletes.

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What about accuracy?

  • 50-70 images per test
  • Each image is measured by 3 measurement technicians using Sonocalc IMT Imaging software
  • Each test goes through manual and statistical quality control
  • Vasolabs Database System auto generates extensive reports with test results

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We offer preventive heart screenings at affordable prices to help save lives.

Because the more your patients know, the more they can take control of their situation and improve their heart health for the better. We provide the tools you need for quick and accurate diagnosis for your patients.

From the first conversation with you to the bedside manner with your patients, we make sure excellent customer service is part of every interaction.

Start your conversation now – just click for a FREE consult and see how we can help you deliver better services and greater growth in  your practice.

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Benefits to your practice

  • Affordable diagnostic testing for your patients
  • Team of highly trained sonographers
  • No more outpatient diagnostic orders
  • Less overhead, less hassle – we bring the tools to you
  • Comprehensive diagnostic results within 24-48 hrs
  • Your treatment protocols based on solid data
  • Quality service for you and your patient

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