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On-site Carotid IMT Testing benefits your patients

As a physician, your primary goal is to care for your patient’s overall health by thorough and consistent evaluation, in addition to conducting comprehensive testing. Patients that have medical conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes or that has a family history of stroke or heart disease are at a higher risk of having a stroke. For these patients, it is important to proactively test for narrowed carotid arteries utilizing the carotid IMT ultrasound. This isn’t new information to you, because you’re probably already doing this. However, not all medical practices are conducting these tests on-site, which is a disservice to your patients. 


At Vasolabs, we partner with medical practices to provide on-site testing which is more convenient for you and your patients and provides you with results quickly to help you make informed medical decisions.


Carotid IMT testing is convenient for you and your patient

Going to the doctor is hard enough for some patients, let alone having to make additional appointments for testing or seeing a specialist. While you’re job as their physician isn’t to make their life easier by reducing appointments, there is value in making it easier for your patients to get their tests done without unnecessary stress. 


How can you make it easier for your patients to have their Carotid IMT (CIMT) test done? By providing the test on-site at your medical practice. Vasolabs partners with medical practices to provide on-site testing that is convenient for your patients, and with little additional effort from your office. You don’t have to worry about purchasing additional equipment or hiring an additional person to routinely conduct the tests. Instead, you partner with us at Vasolabs and we will schedule your practice, then you schedule the appointment with the patient and then we come to you and conduct the test. It’s that easy!


Providing on-site Carotid IMT Testing could save a patient’s life

In a study conducted by Michigan State University, they reported a 21.2% missed appointment rate, and other studies have shown that up to 42% of patients miss their appointments. This is alarming when you consider the impacts it can have on a patient’s overall health, and for patients with an increased risk of stroke, it can be fatal. 


If patients are likely to miss a doctor appointment, it is likely that patients often miss appointments for additional testing or follow-up appointments. Providing on-site testing, like the Carotid IMT (CIMT) can increase the chance that patients will get the test done. Having on-site testing allows your office to potentially schedule the testing on the same day as the patient’s primary appointment. For patients with an increased risk of stroke, CIMTs are done routinely, so it is possible that when a patient’s appointment is made for their routine physical evaluation that they can also be scheduled to have their CIMT done right after their appointment with their physician. 


If patients know that your medical practice is a one-stop shop then they are more likely to continue to be a patient at your practice and likely to refer friends. No one ever turns down added convenience, especially when it benefits their health. 


Conducting Carotid IMT Testing on-site provides more comfort to patients 

Going to the doctor’s office can be stress-inducing for patients, especially those that have had traumatic experiences or know that they are at an increased risk of stroke. While going to appointments and having regular check-ups is in the best interest of patients, most patients do not enjoy going to the doctors. What can be more stress-inducing than the doctor’s office? Going to the hospital. 


By providing on-site testing at your medical practice you are providing your patients with an added level of comfort that wouldn’t be there if they have to go to an unfamiliar office or go to the hospital to have their testing done. Even though going to the doctor isn’t fun, and for many patients having additional tests done can be extremely stressful, there’s potential to limit their stress if they are able to go to their doctor’s office. Providing this service to patients is both beneficial to their physical health as well as their mental health.


Quicker Carotid IMT Testing, quicker results, quicker diagnosis

When you partner with Vasolabs to provide on-site testing to your patients you get detailed reports back within a few days. If you schedule your patient’s routine CIMT testing after their primary physical evaluation then you can have detailed information about your patient’s carotid arteries within the same week. This allows you to provide the best care possible and gives your patients peace of mind knowing what their results are instead of having to stress about the possibilities while they wait for their appointment, and then have to wait for their results. 


Partner with Vasolabs today to provide on-site Carotid IMT Testing

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