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Top Five Objections Patients Raise Regarding Heart Disease Screenings

(And how to respond)


Modern heart disease screenings are relatively, if not totally, painless. However, not everyone knows this. From shocking news articles about procedures gone wrong to inaccurate movie scenes, preventative health providers have their hands full confronting misinformation when discussing medical options with members and patients.


A medical professional and patient might have completely different ideas of what goes on during a heart screening. This is why it’s helpful for a practitioner to step into the shoes of a typical person – to understand why they might be hesitant to schedule their next heart screening. Their reasons might be surprisingly relatable! 


At the end of the day, successfully navigating patient objections can save lives since health teams must detect and prevent heart disease as soon as possible. The Vasolabs team has put together five common reasons why patients are hesitant to receive heart disease screenings. Pay attention to these objections when discussing upcoming diagnostic tests.


Patients are Thinking of A Completely Different Test

Unless they have had a heart screening themselves or know a close relative who has been tested, patients may not understand the exact procedure of an echocardiogram or Carotid IMT. Instead, their minds go to an iron lung or a treadmill covered in wires.


If your practice is recommending that a member receives a heart disease screening, consider bringing a visual aid to the conversation. Otherwise, patients might not know what you mean when you say “heart disease screening,” and their existing ideas might be scarier than they should be.


No News is Good News When it Comes to Heart Disease

Heart disease is a serious condition with frightening consequences. One in four deaths in the USA is due to heart disease, and so people are naturally worried about receiving their results. They may even put off regular heart screenings in order to maintain the status quo.


Of course, medical practitioners know that this isn’t a sustainable solution. People at risk for heart disease must be screened early so that death and serious injury can be avoided. One helpful tip is to show patients how early detection can lead to optimistic outcomes.  


Patients Feel Shame About Their Bodies

It’s widely known that the risk of heart disease rises alongside body weight. Unfortunately, cultural stereotypes surrounding obesity can cause feelings of guilt or shame. This shame can then prevent someone from getting a heart screening because they don’t want to bring up their weight with their healthcare provider.


In a case like this, try emphasizing the holistic nature of health. Tell the patient that body weight isn’t due to a moral failing or a lack of willpower. Instead, educate the patient on how emotions, gut health, stress, nutrition, and more can impact weight management. Nobody is going to point fingers if the screening detects early-stage heart disease. Rather, your practice exists to support them as a health partner.


People Don’t Want to Schedule Another Appointment

Americans are busy people. Asking someone to schedule yet another appointment at another location can be a large request. In some cases, people will simply refuse to schedule tests with off-site providers because they don’t have the time.


Why not bring the heart screening to your clinic and save your patients the hassle? Vasolabs provides quick and easy in-clinic cardiac tests so that patients can receive the treatments they need in a place they feel comfortable. 


Unexpected Insurance Bills Cause Anxiety

Another reason why people avoid check-ups and preventative care? Astronomical insurance bills. Few people trust hospital systems when they say that such and such procedure is covered by insurance. Miscommunication happens all the time, which results in either high out-of-pocket costs or long hours spent wrangling insurance representatives.


This is an area where alternative and preventive practices hold the advantage. Many functional medicine, direct primary care, and integrative medicine practitioners don’t accept insurance in order to keep costs stable for their members. By partnering with a company like Vasolabs, you can provide heart screenings at affordable and transparent rates.


Screening people for heart disease can be a matter of life and death. Although there are legitimate reasons for patients to be hesitant, it’s up to medical professionals, especially those focused on preventative care, to dispel misinformation and assure the patient that their screening will be quick and painless. After receiving a screening, many people respond positively and smile at how easy the process was. 

At the end of the day, Vasolabs’ mission is to partner with physicians and provide the most accurate, complete information possible to help them in their primary goal of preventing and eliminating the need for treatment. Click to learn more.


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