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Stop heart disease in its tracks with a Carotid IMT Test!

 One day only
Oct 25th from 9-12

15 minutes is all it takes to get control of your heart health.

Vasolabs is a premier provider of safe, convenient heart disease screenings. On Oct 25th from 9-12, we will be performing Carotid IMT tests. Schedule a test to see if you have heart disease!

What you should know about the Carotid IMT Test

  • Determines whether or not you have heart disease
  • Pain-free
  • Requires no wires or treadmills
  • Uses convenient ultrasound technology
  • Takes only 15 minutes

Why join us for our screening day?

  • No need for a doctor’s referral
  • Easy scheduling
  • Put your mind at ease regarding your heart
  • Get results in 48 hours

This test is highly recommended for people with a family history of heart disease and athletes who put a high strain on their cardiovascular systems.

Where: Lakewood Towers 6301 Gaston Ave Suite 190P Dallas, TX 75214

When: Oct 25th from 9-12

Questions?: Call 801-820-4122 

Knowing if You Are at Risk for Heart Disease Screening is Easy!

Treadmills and wires are a thing of the past. If you want results that are reliable and easy to understand, it’s time to make an appointment with the company at the forefront of revolutionary cardiovascular technology – Vasolabs.

Step 1

Purchase the Carotid IMT Test at your appointment. Then fill out the scheduling form with your basic contact information.

Step 2

Arrive  for your 15-minute appointment.

Step 3

Receive your easy-to-understand results in 48 hours. Discuss them with your clinician at your scheduled follow up.

How does Vasolabs work?

“Do I Need a Heart


Here is a checklist of factors that put you at elevated risk for heart attack, stroke, and other forms of cardiovascular disease:


Over 40 years of age


Family history of heart disease/stroke




Increased cholesterol level


High-fat diet


Tobacco user


High blood pressure




Metabolic syndrome


Erectile dysfunction




Rheumatoid Arthritis

Heart Screening Saves Lives

Want to be sure this is the right test for you? Book a discovery call

Because the more you know, the more you can take control of your situation and improve your heart health for the better. Continue to create lasting memories with those closest to you and experience the joys of life even longer without worrying about heart disease complications.

Making an appointment is easy – just click for a FREE consult and see how we can get you scheduled.


We keep it simple

When you submit your information below, one of our caring staff will attempt to reach out to you within 24-48 hours.


We keep it simple

When you submit your information below, one of our caring staff will attempt to reach out to you within 24-48 hours.