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Dr. Ken Rictor

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My name is Ken Rictor and I am a Family Physician in South Central Pennsylvania. l started my practice in 1989 and have remained independent over these years. I have watched practices come and go andhave watched the devastation of practices being purchased by hospital systems. With the prolonged health reimbursement crisis. we have seen diminished return on our work effort and have constantly been called on to provide more overhead support to receive reimbursement for our services. This unrest in the medical system caused me to consider resources that would help me maintain my independence and be profitable without increased work hours and increased cost. l have been considering a concierge form ot medicine in this practice and have been looking at difterent models for delivery of medical care and for providing a reimbursement schedule that is more commensurate with the quality of care that l provide. I have also been acutely aware ot the needed shift of establishing a style of medicine that creates health rather that treating disease. I began to gather information about the efforts needed to transform and preserve my practice. I was referred to Sonja Horner and Private Medical Partners. After meeting with Sonja, I was presented with a business plan to implement screening and diagnostic services to my patients. Our first screenings were scheduled in Jan, Feb and March 2013. We worked with Joe Ence at Vasolabs in performing carotid intimal muscle testing via ultrasound. Private Medical Partners contacted our perspective patients and scheduled the screens. Our technician Mike with Vasolabs was able to set up an area in our office off the main traffic flow and perform the scans. We were able to screen over 350 patients over our first campaign of screenings. Mike was fabulous at working with our staff and patients in a friendly and professional manner. The CIMT testing was able to identify the visual evidence of vascular impairment as a direct consequence of risk factors identified to influence the development of cardio-neurovascular disease. This experience was very positive in many respects. -The testing was done without obstruction or interíerence to our normal daily flow and operation of caring for patients -The scheduling and coordination of care was performed by Sonja’s team so that we could maximize the screening efforts with Vasolabs. -Mike was a welcome addition to the office and helped to foster a collective good feeling that my office was there to help prevent disastrous cardiac and neurological vascular complications »We were able to identify risk factors in a visual way so the patient could see the consequences of lifestyle. This is where the rubber met the road for me. We can talk risk prevention and predict future events but that prediction has no meat. The CIMT was able to show vascular muscle proliferation and plaque in arterial vessels and its effect on flow. From this report, meaningful conversation was initiated with a more attentive and concerned patient. -The testing was able to provide my otíice with added reimbursement in addition to the normal production ofthe office -We are able to identify those patients that recognize the value of optimal health and feel that it is something valuable and worthy of high priority in their life events. The information gathered will help to transition to a concierge type model of medicine by identifying those patients that appreciate and value good health. ere is no doubt that we are in a huge transition time in medicine. The delivery of care in our country has forever changed and l feel we are all finding our niche. or me. I choose to remain independent and want to reinvent the way care is provided. These initial steps taken with the AAPP, Private Medical Partners and Vasolabs have reduced my financial burden and have helped to restore hope hat I can maintain this independence in providing medical care with the highest quality. l feel that a model that recognizes patient autonomy as well as patient responsibility tor individual health will re-captivate the reason most chose oicine asa profession. To help those who choose to be helped and to make an Impact »n someone’s life is the source of greatest satistaction and accomplishment,


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