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VASOLABS, INC PROVIDES SOPHISTICATED ULTRASOUND DIAGNOSTICS associated with cardiovascular disease. These test results, combined with standardized disease management tools, enable development of a comprehensive baseline of patient risk for cardiovascular disease. Our service defines us and sets us apart. It is what ensures that we are not average or ordinary. It is the foundation of trust.

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Heart Screening Saves Lives

We offer preventive heart screenings that save lives, at affordable prices.

Because the more you know, the more you can take control of your situation and improve your heart health for the better. Continue to create lasting memories with those closest to you and experience the joys of life even longer.

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Elevated Risk Factors

Some factors that put you at elevated risk for heart attack, stroke, or any form of vascular disease should ask their doctor about Carotid IMT:


Over 40 years of age


Family history of heart disease/stroke




Increased cholesterol level


High-fat diet


Tobacco user


High blood pressure




Metabolic syndrome


Erectile dysfunction




Rheumatoid Arthritis


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