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Save Lives With the CIMT Heart Test

Heart health issues are the most prevalent in the United States and are currently the leading cause of death in the country. Heart disease problems affect the heart valve, heart muscle, heartbeat, and blood vessels.


Coronary Vascular Disease is a type of blood vessel disease. Unlike some other types of heart disease, Coronary Vascular Disease can suddenly take the life of a person with no previous symptoms of heart issues. More than 3 million people deal with Coronary Vascular Disease: 50% of men and 64% of women. 


Thankfully, technology such as CIMT heart tests exists to screen patients for heart disease. The Carotid IMT test hasn’t always been the standard for screening for heart disease, but it’s now a great way to save patients’ lives. Let’s take a look at the history of Carotid IMT testing and how it benefits your patients. 


What is Coronary Vascular Disease?

This type of heart disease primarily affects your body’s blood vessels. The blood is responsible for transporting oxygen and other nutrients from the heart to various systems in your body. Other blood vessels and arteries carry key nutrients back to the heart to ensure it functions properly. 


Coronary Vascular Disease occurs when the Coronary artery is narrowed, restricting the supply of key nutrients and oxygen to the heart. Most doctors point to inflammation and excess cholesterol deposits as a cause of Coronary Vascular Disease. 


When someone has Coronary Vascular Disease, they may experience chest pain, fatigue, and difficulty breathing as a result of lack of oxygen. Eventually, Coronary Vascular Disease may result in a heart attack, which could be fatal. 


What is a Carotid IMT Heart Test?

A Carotid ultrasound tests for blocked or coronary arteries. The device acts as a “window” to vital arteries in your body, such as the Coronary artery. 


When you get a Carotid ultrasound, a doctor applies conduct jelly to the skin over your neck. A small hand held transducer is applied to the image of carotid arteries. The sonographer and off site laboratory measure and report on the combined thicknesses of the intimal and medial layers of the carotid artery walls. 


Origins of Carotid IMT Heart Testing

In 1986, Pignoli and his colleagues reported for the first time using ultrasound imaging to measure IMT of carotid arteries. And, in 1991, Salonen and his colleagues showed ultrasound imaging for the evaluation of atherosclerotic changes in the carotid arteries. 


Since these developments, using ultrasonographic assessments of easily accessible arteries is the main way to evaluate less accessible vessels such as coronary and cerebral arterial systems. 


Using the Carotid IMT testing is noninvasive and performed with a high-resolution B-mode ultrasound transducer. The test is safe, painless, and only takes about twenty minutes, making it a great option for patients! 


Who Needs Carotid Heart IMT Testing?

Early detection is key to properly treating patients with Coronary Vascular Disease, which can be easy to miss if patients don’t have previous symptoms. It’s important to know who would benefit from the CIMT testing. That way, doctors can proactively screen them instead of waiting for potentially fatal symptoms to occur.


Individuals with the following risk factors have an elevated risk for heart attack, stroke, or any type of vascular disease and should ask their doctor about Carotid IMT: 


  • Family history of heart disease/stroke
  • Overweight
  • Increased cholesterol level
  • High-fat diet
  • Tobacco user
  • Diabetic
  • Metabolic syndrome
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Psoriasis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis


Using the CIMT ultrasound test is key to identifying blocked arteries caused by Atherosclerosis and saving patients’ lives. With this test, it’s possible to prevent the devastating effects of heart disease and save more lives through the power of medical treatment. 


Utilize Carotid IMT Heart Testing from Vasolabs

Vasolabs offers quality Carotid IMT services that save the lives of patients all across the country.  We lead the industry in redundant measurement techniques that are proven to be the most reproducible in the world. We are able to meet this high standard by using statisticians, advanced ultrasound imaging techniques, and the best team of practicing sonographers in the country that are constantly reviewing research for the latest testing techniques. 


At Vasolabs, it’s our mission to “stamp out disease and save lives.” We’re more than a business: we want to save more lives. We want families to get more time together and patients to live more life to the full. 


Vasolabs provides the following testing service benefits:


  • Scheduling patients in-office for diagnostic testing
  • Optimal scheduling blocks
  • Professional on-site sonographers
  • Results back in 1-2 days
  • Efficient, reliable results
  • Full report to you and your patient


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High-quality carotid IMT testing doesn’t have to be difficult to provide for your patients. 


When you partner with Vasolabs, we provide you with the most accurate, complete cardiovascular diagnostic testing to help you prevent and eliminate the need for critical treatment. 

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