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The Chiropractors’ Role in Detecting Heart Disease 

Chiropractic services have become increasingly popular in mainstream healthcare, making chiropractors the pseudo-first line of defense when it comes to patients’ heart-related symptoms. Since chiropractic services include evaluating a patient’s entire body to determine a diagnosis for body pain, you have the unique opportunity to detect heart-related issues. Your practice should include tests that intentionally test for heart-related issues in your patient evaluation process. 


Keep reading to learn more about the impact Chiropractors can have on their patient’s overall health and how on-site cardiovascular testing can benefit your patients. 


How Chiropractors Can Detect Heart-Related Issues

As a chiropractor or functional medicine healthcare provider, you should be on the lookout for underlying issues when evaluating your patients. Adding on-site diagnostic testing to your protocols will help provide a more accurate diagnosis of a patient’s health. Chiropractic services can be extremely beneficial for patients’ nervous system because it helps manage blood pressure and control heart rate. 


Take note if a patient describes heart disease symptoms before or after treatment. For example, they might tell you that their blood pressure has gone down after receiving chiropractic therapy. This is great news, but it may indicate a serious underlying heart condition.


If a chiropractor is proactive about detecting underlying health issues that are causing the patient pain or other surface-level symptoms, then imaging tests should be a core asset in the practitioner’s diagnostic toolkit. With the connection between chiropractic services and heart health, it would be important to determine a patient’s heart health prior to starting chiropractic services and throughout their time as a patient to see if the chiropractor is continuing to help the patient. 


Intentionally testing for heart-related issues so that you can either address the patient’s heart issues or rule them out and move on to other possibilities of a patient’s symptoms. 


How Chiropractic Services Benefit Heart Health 

Chiropractic adjustments serve to help improve blood flow, which helps increase heart health. People that are leading active lives also benefit from chiropractic services, because it keeps their bodies moving more easily with regular spinal adjustments. When exercise is enjoyable (not painful), then patients will be more likely to make heart-healthy decisions.


Here are a few ways that chiropractic services promote heart health:


  • Lower blood pressure: Studies have reported that when patients have adjustments made to the 1st vertebra by their chiropractor, they experience improvement in blood pressure.


  • Improve lung function: Chiropractic services promote good lung function. Poor lung function has been connected to heart failure.


  • Decrease chest pain: Chest pain is an extremely common symptom across all people, but many cases could be cleared up if patients had a proper adjustment. Of course with chest pain you want to rule out heart issues, which is why having on-site Carotid IMT testing is extremely beneficial. You won’t have to send your patient to the hospital, and you’ll be able to quickly rule out heart issues if the imaging comes back clear. 


There are many reasons that routine chiropractic care promotes good heart health, so why not take the extra step and intentionally test the patient’s heart health by providing on-site carotid IMT testing. Partner with Vasolabs and with minimal extra work from your doctor’s office, provide exceptional and convenient healthcare to your patients. 


How On-Site Heart Disease Testing Works for Chiropractors

How exactly does a partnership with Vasolabs work? Let’s walk through the process.


We partner with medical practices across the country to provide you with on-site ultrasound technology which provides extensive diagnostics to help identify and target cardiovascular disease. Vasolabs believes in providing in-office testing so that you are able to more quickly and effectively collaborate with your patients to address health concerns and help them reach their optimal health goals. 


We schedule a time to visit your practice. You schedule your patients. We handle the rest.


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